5 Tips for Maximizing Your Flying Banner Investment

We recently did an email campaign which lays out some tips on Flying Banner purchases. The 5 points, however, are outlined here for your convenience.

flying banners can be used indoors and outdoors

1. The substrate matters:
There are many material options for flying banners, or sometimes called feather banners. Popular choices include Dacron and Flag Knit. Both are versatile indoor and outdoor fabrics.

2. Save money on Double Sided printing by using a lighter mesh:
A light fabric flies better, and since it’s thinner you can see through it giving both sides equal color and display quality.

3. The base decides whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sign, or both:
Options vary, to include staking and a weighted base. Obviously staking cannot be done indoors but a solid base can be used both outside and inside. You can also choose among a range of sturdier bases that will improve performance in high winds.

4. Smaller flying banners have their benefits:
Have you seen people outside holding signs for oil changes, mortgage refinancing, and lunch deals? Wear one on your back as you walk.

5. Use lots of color:
This is a good policy for any banner. Color and good design gets noticed. With our in-house printing and dye sublimation system we can provide a wide color gamut, and without extra color charges.

flying banner or feather banner sizes and shapes

We print full-color/full-bleed double or single sided on any size and shape you need. We have wholesale and retail pricing. Order Your Flying Banners Today. Talk with our helpful staff and get something started.