Banners Good Enough to Eat

When you want to make an impact with Point of Purchase or Point of Sale banners (POP/POS) there is no better way than with Digital Printing and Dye Sublimation. The DP and DS process produces a high-fidelity banner that captures attention. We recently did a project for the Eastside Food Co-op that does just that.

The EFC wanted to make use of blank walls and overhead spaces in the aisles. Since the EFC is a local grocery store that supports farmers and the community the imagery they chose complements their mission and vision. They provided us with great photography of organic food and sustainability themes to print onto banners. The banners complement their store layout and gives customers a “message-based” view from nearly every direction. Check out some of their new banners:

 Portrait of flowers at the Eastside Food Co-op    Cage-free chickens on the wall of the Eastside Food Co-op

The banners were printed onto an Eco-friendly substrate made from recycled water-bottles. We offer Eco-friendly options for nearly all of our promotional banner printing and hardware such as bamboo retractables. For more information about the Eastside Food Co-op and Banner Creations visit the websites or call us at 800.326.3524.