Pinterest for Business

Pinterest To DoYes, there’s another social network that’s catching fire. You’ve heard of Pinterest and may be wondering how to utilize it for your business or organization. We have put together some key points to consider for your Pinterest page.


A little known feature is that at any point during the edit of your pinned image you may add a price in the description box (e.g., $22). This will automatically add a small banner in the upper left corner of your image with the price. Use it as a way to pull people into your shopping cart.


When Pinning you will have 2 sections for links. One in the Description box and another for the Link box. In the description box you may add the full URL of your product, page, or site. If it’s a specific product page then link to that.  You put a link in the description box so that people will see it more prominently. There is also a separate box for a link. Use the same URL in the description box as this will make it more clear to the viewer that it’s click-able.


You can use the default Boards that come with Pinterest but it is better to create new ones for your business. For example, if you’re a baker and want to showcase your work the it makes more sense to create Pastries, Muffins, Cakes, rather than use the generic Food Board. It helps people find your pins easier.

Pinterest Tools

Go to and you will find all kinds of “goodies”, namely graphics and tools to allow ease-of-pinning. Add Pinning abilities to each of your cart’s products, photo gallery images, and more. Make it easy for others to spread the word about your products through Pinning.

Do you have an interesting way to utilize Pinterest? We’d love to hear about it. Happy Pinning!