Supporting the Vision and Mission for a New Year

When scanning the horizon of a new year, good leaders take the time to reflect upon their organization’s Vision and Mission statements.

With very few exceptions the V&M statements are pretty well established in a company. But what can change are the activities and goals that support them. Some examples:

  1. A new technology got your attention for ways to improve communication (e.g.,
  2. Changes in society open up new opportunities for your market (e.g., gay weddings)
  3. New ways to pay and get paid emerge (e.g., bitcoin, dwolla, etc.)

Methods and tasks in a company can change, and a lot can change in a year nowadays. Make it a practice to learn from the old year.

“Past is prologue”

Thoughtful consideration of the closing year’s bright and dark spots can help illuminate ways to support your company’s Vision & Mission for the new one. It is that approach that can make looking backward your best way forward.